Is Your Salt Lamp Safe? – Salt Lamp Recall

Recently, news broke that approximately 80,000 Himalayan salt lamps (NOT affiliated with Salt Skill brand lamps) are being recalled by Michael’s arts and craft stores. The recalls are apparently due to electrical related fire and shock hazards based on findings of faulty electrical cords. It is important to note that the recalled lamps are not in any way affiliated with Salt Skill branded products.The offical recall notice can be viewed here: Consumer Product Safety Commission NoticeIs Your Salt Lamp [...]

Himalayan Salt Recipes – The Ultimate List

We showed you how to cook an egg and shrimp in an earlier post, but this is a mammoth collection of Himalayan salt recipes from all over. Let us know how they turn out in the comments!Watermelon Skewers on Himalayan Salt IngredientsOrganic watermelon (seedless if possible) 4 organic cherry tomatoes 1 organic lemon 4 tbsp organic olive oil Several sprigs organic rosemary with blossoms Organic Tellichery Pepper 4 sprigs organic chives 1 tsp Yuzu juice (or substitute fresh lime juice) Himalayan Salt Plate (chilled for one hour in freezer) Short [...]

Does Himalayan Salt Cause High Blood Pressure?

For years, we've been told that you don't want to consume because it will lead to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and heart attacks. New studies, however, indicate that too little salt is worse than too much. Turns out that Ben Franklin was dead on with "all things (including salt) in moderation."Science Based Medicine did a great job outlining the studies here, but here's the Reader's Digest version:Association of Urinary Sodium and Potassium Excretion with Blood Pressure, by Mente [...]

Wake Up With Energy, Not Jitters – How to Make Himalayan Salt Sole –

If you wake up and run, I mean crawl, to the coffee pot, that's one of the indications that you may have adrenal fatigue. When you first wake up is also one of the times of the day that you are naturally most dehydrated. You can kill two birds with one stone with a Himalayan salt sole drink. Himalayan Salt Sole Sole, pronounced sol-ay, is a fully saturated salt and water brine. Once you get a process down, making it is [...]

Himalayan Salt for Dogs – The Beginner’s Guide

If you have any association between salt and animals, it's probably horses, but Fido can benefit from Himalayan salt just the same as horses or you! Let's break this down. There are two uses for Himalayan salt for dogs:To repair nutrient deficiencies and imbalances For wounds and in bathsNutrient Deficiencies and Imbalances in Dogs Be careful with your pet's health. Just as Himalayan salt can resolve a nutrient deficiency it can create a nutrient imbalance as well. Dogs have different nutritional [...]

Himalayan Salt Minerals – 84 Minerals and Elements for Wellness

One of the benefits of Himalayan salt over other salts is how many minerals and elements it contains - 84! Each of the Himalayan salt minerals have different health benefits, so if you ever wondered what is in our pink salt, this is it!Iodine – this mineral is fundamental for healthy thyroid gland hormones. It helps metabolism regulation and energy production in the body, and it is also important for cellular oxidation. It is easy to spot iodine's vital [...]

What Kinds of Himalayan Salt Products Are There?

One of the interesting things about Himalayan salt are all of the things that you can use it for. You can cook on it, eat it, use it on your skin, decorate your house, and even give to your pets. Check out some of Himalayan salt products to see what all you can use this salt for: Culinary Products Himalayan salt has long been used as a cooking surface. For meats, fish, and produce it brings out their natural flavors with [...]

Himalayan Salt for Acne

Whether you’re a teen struggling with acne or a couple of decades older wondering when, for goodness sake’s, you’re going too finally kick the breakouts, Himalayan salt is a time tested acne treatment. Himalayan Salt Bar Acne Treatment To use a Himalayan salt bar for acne, wet your skin with warm water and lather your hands with the salt bar. Wash your face with the salt water as you would any facial soap. You’ll start to feel the salt on your [...]

Johnny’s Bagels and Deli Joins the Great Salt Switch!

Successful Pennsylvania Bagel Chain "Jonny's Bagels" Switches to Himalayan SaltThe chain’s owner and namesake, believes in delivering the highest quality product to customers who have, over the years, become part of his family. “When it comes to what I use in my shops,” Zohir said, “I’m always looking for the best.”Our gourmet pink Himalayan sea salt definitely qualifies as the best, with 84 essential minerals and trace elements that are highly beneficial for the human body, including magnesium, copper, calcium, potassium, [...]

Himalayan Salt for Headaches

Headaches are a fact of life, but they don’t need to take over your life. Research shows that 75 to 90% of headaches are caused by dehydration. For most headaches, the answer is water. Adding Himalayan salt to a glass of water will add electrolytes and minerals that you are quite possibly deficient in especially if you are already dehydrated.When you fortify water with Himalayan salt, you’ll see the benefits of a sports drink, electrolytes, but without the sugar, [...]