Animal Wellness

The same mineral rich health benefits of Himalayan salt are now available for your farm animals and pets. 

Himalayan salt for horses, goats, sheep and other farm animals delivers a long list of naturally occurring trace minerals and electrolytes to your animal's diet in a safe all natural rock salt block.

Rich in Trace Minerals and Electrolytes

Himalayan salt is now used at tens of thousands of horse stables and farms across the United Sates. Himalayan salt has become very popular for those care about the holistic health and wellbeing of their horses and other stable and farm animals.

Vast selection of products!

If you prefer more direct control over your animals salt and mineral intake, you can also try our 5lb fine ground bag of animal salt to put directly into your animal feed for a more controlled delivery of salt and minerals.

Shop our entire animal wellness catalogue for the best Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt product for your animals. With Salt Skill Himalayan Salts, you can be confident of the best, for your animals.