You haven't tasted food until you taste food made with Himalayan salt. 

Experience BOLD and natural flavor with our mineral rich Himalayan salt gourmet cooking products.  Full of trace minerals, Himalayan salt provides a clean, chemical free way to experience a broad spectrum of flavors.

All natural.

Never heated, processed, cooked or chemically treated, our all natural Himalayan salt products are made in an FDA approved facility with the highest industry standards.

Experience a whole new spectrum of flavor with our fine ground, ready to eat gourmet salt. Salt Skill Himalayan cooking salt is available in a range of sizes ranging from 4.5oz to our very popular 5 lb bulk bag.

Himalayan Salt Flair

Impress your guests with our gourmet Himalayan salt cooking planks, grilling planks and cutting and serving boards.  Throw them right on top of your BBQ grill for savory meat fish and vegetables. You can even chill them and serve sushi or even ice cream!  They are naturally antibacterial, durable and add a touch of culture and style to any event or gathering.

Don't forget to add a touch of fun to the party with our Himalayan Salt shot glasses, they make a great gift or conversation piece for work or family parties.