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Invite the power of nature into your home or office. 

Some say it's the negative ions, while others say it's the soothing glow, but tens of thousands of people can't be wrong.  Our Himalayan salt lamps are enjoyed by families and businesses all across the United States. WARNING: Once you buy one lamp, you will want one for every room in your house!

The colors range from a beautiful pink, all the way to orange and even deep red. Every Himalayan salt lamp is unique.

Our lamps come in a variety of colors and sizes: 

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps:  Our natural lamp is rough finished, just like how it came out of the ground in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.

Aromatherapy Himalayan Salt Lamps: Our aromatherapy  lamps feature a stainless steel warming cup at the top of the lamp where you can place your favorite essential oils providing a double dose of natural goodness to any home or office.

Globe Himalayan Salt Lamps: Our Globe Lamp is hand carved into a nearly perfect sphere and looks great in contemporary and modern spaces. It's art deco appearance looks striking and at home in the most stark office spaces.

Wide range of selections!

Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamps: Guys, children and avid meditators seem to gravitate to our handsome pyramid lamp.  Pyramids are believed to posses a certain type of ethereal power that the sensitive among us will attest to.  Not only that, they make a great conversation piece, accent to a personal library or even a night light!

Himalayan Heated Massage Therapy Kit:  One of our most popular models, it features a hand carved warming bowl with five round stones that when heated provide a tension melting massage aid. Roll these around your neck and shoulders, or try them out on a partner.

If you are a candle lover, try our Himalayan tea light holders. When heated they release the same negative ions as our salt lamps.  You can find them in a natural finish two pack, or our hand carved block that holds three tea lights.